How is the existence of Yeezy Mafia, getting news quickly and accurately?

Recently, the sales of Yeezy are just like blowout. Yeezy continuously released 6 sneakers (black-white, black-red, black-copper, white, zebra, and Yeezy runner). It is has the year that Yeezy have the most sales. As an ordinary customer, he can only get the sneaker by re-selling in the market when meeting the malfunction of adidas Confirmed App, and waiting in the official websites.

Every time before the official sale Yeezy, there are full of news. And some people always stand out. They continue to public the news on the sneakers, and those news turn out to be right as time goes.

This is the Yeezy Mafia group. They are a team rather than one person!

Who is Yeezy Mafia on earth?

Yeezy Mafia can get information such as The exposed pictures, the item number, and the quantity, earlier than other media, and they will post them first on social media. This team even draws the attention of Jon Wexler, vice president of global marketing of adidas. And it is only 8 months after the foundation of this group.

Yeezy Mafia are sneaker dealers who are active in social media like instagram and Twitter.

For now, this group have about 50 members, and most of them are from America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. From the interview by Highsnobiety, the famous sneaker medium, we know that the Yeezy Mafia claim themselves as sneaker dealers who know a little about IT, and that these IT skills help them get Yeezy Boost which are being grabbed by everyone.

Actually, they work harder than most of us. During the sale of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, they refuse to use Bot. instead, they try to buy from official websites 24 hours long by their internal cooperation. When asked why they don’t use Bot to get the sneaker easily and directly, they answered that Bot to us is what drug to athletes, and that you can never get rid of that. As for how they can get the accurate sales information, item number, and quantity, it must be their top secret in their group.

This is the official reaction from Yeezy Mafia. However, from what we know, they must have mastered some technique stronger than Bot. instead of competing with Bot 0.01s after sales, you’d better lock it in advance. Of course, this is just personal guessing.

How to join Yeezy Mafia

If you want to join in this group, you have to pay for some member fee first, as they need to keep the cooperation of the team, as well as the high efficiency and effectiveness. As long as you are patient enough and willing to work hard, you can be well paid back. Of course, there is one important rule: you can never expose the news they give you to any person. This is a way of self-protection. What do you think of this? Do you want to join them?

Then you can only think about this

Yeezy Mafia have already closed the channel to join them. That is to say, they don’t need new members for now. But they will still continue to update the news on Yeezy Boost or other sneakers, bringing us the latest news of the sneakers.

Below are their social media accounts: