Yeezy is closing down, it is the fifth time I have ever heard this.

Yeezy is closing down, it is the fifth time I have ever heard this: once in Beluga 2.0, once in Blue Tint, once in Super Moon Yellow, and once in Butter.
It has been one week since the releasing of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple White. I believe that many people have already bought and worn the sneaker. How do you feel like this, those friends who wore Yeezy for the first time?

Yeezy 350 V2 Triple White has been sold almost 50000 pairs in total at tMall, reaching an exchanging amount of 100 million. There are sneakers sold in store also. This time Adidas must have made a lot of money. Kanye almost realizes his own promise.

Actually, it is a good thing that Yeezy sneakers are sold in large quantity for Adidas, kanye west, and those who love Yeezy. Yeezy is always doing the limited quantity sale, and it doesn’t make much money. It also needs to share the profits with Kanye. There are also research, marketing expenses, which is not a small amount. Besides, the contracts between Adidas and Kanye are in a sensitive time, and Adidas and Kanye should give the shareholders their results. For those commercial companies, the final purpose is to make profits so that they can put more money in research and development. For those who really love Yeezy, it is a good thing to buy them at the original price. More people can experience the benefits brought by Yeezy. There is a saying that “ Once you have experienced the real one, you don’t want the fake one any longer. Because they know what is the best.” What’s more, you feel sure when buying from the official websites. You are no longer worried about the fake ones again and again. The purchasing experience is really good.

I have heard that such large quantity for sale will have a bad effect on the brand image, which has been managed for so many years. From what I know, it is just the opposite. This sales is a good proof of the great attraction of the Yeezy brand. If there is no such great brand image, the 1899 sale prices cannot make such a sale quantity. It can be said as an impossible mission. 1899 is a very high price for sale in the sports sneaker field. This, somehow, has picked out the higher leveled customers among the Yeezy customers. How could this have a bad effect on Yeezy? There is no such a company that grows so large only by the limited sales.

Actually, we wear the sneakers we love, and we don’t need to care much about what other said. Whether it has a large or small quantity, it has no influence to us. And you don’t need to pursue whatever is popular. You also don’t need to pretend to love the anti-popular things to show you are different. Buy the sneakers you love, and go the way you want, Ok?