How to tie Pharrell’s NMD shoe lace

Pharrell’s nmd shoe lace is tied in free style. Actually, you can normally wear the sneaker without shoe lace, which is quite similar with Yeezy. Then how to tie Pharrell’s nmd shoe lace beautifully? Next, editor will show you how to tie nmd shoe lace.

How to tie Pharrell’s NMD shoe lace

Normal way

The official method

Actually, it is a way that you tie the shoe lace randomly

But it looks very pretty

We can don’t tie Pharrell’s NMD shoe lace?


However, editor thinks that

It will look more beautiful with the decoration of the shoe lace

The shoe lace is of 3M reflective performance. It wears great

The teaching of how to tie adidas Pharrell’s NMD shoe lace

Except the normal method

There is a quite awesome method which is to tie the shoe lace at the back

We won’t mention much on how to tie in this way as you will understand the process when you as the picture

This design of the shoe lace of this sneaker is very ingenious