Nike and Adidas don’t agree! Why they can be the top four slow running sneakers as well?

Those who love the sports equipment all know that New balance, Asics, Brooks and Saucony have been the top 4 slow running sneakers in the world. Why there are no Nike or adidas which are familiar to us in the list? Why they can be selected ad the top four? Let’s see their highlight next!

Let’s talk about New balance first, which can be seen all around the street. It is founded in 1906 in Boston, the city of Marathon in the USA. It has been regarded as the king of slow running sneaker. NB hardly sign contracts with pop stars as spokesmen. It is dedicated to technique development, and increasing customer satisfaction. This is probably the key for its success for hundreds of years.

Then let’s go to the key technique of New balance running sneaker—ABZORB, the vibration absorbing material. ABZORB patent has excellent vibration absorbing performance and show its great bradyseism. Its 993 series, which is called as the President of running sneakers, uses this materials, offering strong support to the ankles while keeping the flexibility. It is highly praised by all people of all fields. They are also the first sneakers that are priced over 100USD among the nb sneakers!

Premier Wen Jiabao wore this 993 in many occasions.

The same President running sneaker, is the favorite of Jobs for all his life.