Two Yeezy is releasing for sale on Dec.4th, and the prices both are rocketing!

There is no doubt that Air Jordan 1 has been the focus in the sneaker field this year. However, Yeezy will be the focus of many people when December comes.

This is because in the last month of 2018, yeezy brings us new colors for three versions, among which, two are completely new, and one is the replica! After experiencing the failure of yeezy new colors for so many year, this time, Yeezy will go to a peak in this December! Now let’s look at the characteristics of the yeezy sneakers which are to be sold in December!

Yeezy 500 “Salt”

The first color of Yeezy in December is called “Salt”. Together with yeezy 500″Blush”, they are called twins. Actually, they look very similar. However, it is good to know that the “salt” is much cheaper than the first generation! So it’s a good time to buy this sneaker!

Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Yellow Zebra”

This replica was for sale at the end of last year. It is said to be the brightest color among yeezy Boost 350V2 series, with the most obvious identity. And the price went to more than 6000 when it was just released for sale. This month, this sneaker is for sale again and its price would stay stable. Let’s look forward to this sneaker!

This sneaker is application with the same color solution as the zebra. However, the fluorescence yellow tone, blue patterns, and the red letters and numbers on the sides are very outstanding!

Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Static”

The semi-crystal yeezy Boost 350v2 has been paid high attention to since its exposure. It is the most different yeezy in history! It inherits the best of the yeezy Boost 350 V2.

It is also applied with the semi-crystal element, which is the most popular material this year. However, because of its very limited quantity, it is very hard to get one through UR. You should know that its price on Taobao is 4000 at least!

Yeezy 700 Boost V2 “Static”

Besides Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Static”, Yeezy Boost 700 V2 is also going to have “Static” version. As is know that the time of yeezy 700 is over, and Yeezy 700 V2 is coming. And the first color is the semi-crystal of the pierced version.

This completely new version, compared to the first generation, has some tiny changes on the design of its sides. It is simplified and is added the three lines elements, making this sneaker have the characteristics of Adidas original. It is still the classic style with great characteristics of Daddy Shoe. It is shown in light color. The 3M reflective details are all over the sneaker, with a great visual effect.

Yeezy is closing down, it is the fifth time I have ever heard this.

Yeezy is closing down, it is the fifth time I have ever heard this: once in Beluga 2.0, once in Blue Tint, once in Super Moon Yellow, and once in Butter.
It has been one week since the releasing of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple White. I believe that many people have already bought and worn the sneaker. How do you feel like this, those friends who wore Yeezy for the first time?

Yeezy 350 V2 Triple White has been sold almost 50000 pairs in total at tMall, reaching an exchanging amount of 100 million. There are sneakers sold in store also. This time Adidas must have made a lot of money. Kanye almost realizes his own promise.

Actually, it is a good thing that Yeezy sneakers are sold in large quantity for Adidas, kanye west, and those who love Yeezy. Yeezy is always doing the limited quantity sale, and it doesn’t make much money. It also needs to share the profits with Kanye. There are also research, marketing expenses, which is not a small amount. Besides, the contracts between Adidas and Kanye are in a sensitive time, and Adidas and Kanye should give the shareholders their results. For those commercial companies, the final purpose is to make profits so that they can put more money in research and development. For those who really love Yeezy, it is a good thing to buy them at the original price. More people can experience the benefits brought by Yeezy. There is a saying that “ Once you have experienced the real one, you don’t want the fake one any longer. Because they know what is the best.” What’s more, you feel sure when buying from the official websites. You are no longer worried about the fake ones again and again. The purchasing experience is really good.

I have heard that such large quantity for sale will have a bad effect on the brand image, which has been managed for so many years. From what I know, it is just the opposite. This sales is a good proof of the great attraction of the Yeezy brand. If there is no such great brand image, the 1899 sale prices cannot make such a sale quantity. It can be said as an impossible mission. 1899 is a very high price for sale in the sports sneaker field. This, somehow, has picked out the higher leveled customers among the Yeezy customers. How could this have a bad effect on Yeezy? There is no such a company that grows so large only by the limited sales.

Actually, we wear the sneakers we love, and we don’t need to care much about what other said. Whether it has a large or small quantity, it has no influence to us. And you don’t need to pursue whatever is popular. You also don’t need to pretend to love the anti-popular things to show you are different. Buy the sneakers you love, and go the way you want, Ok?

How is the existence of Yeezy Mafia, getting news quickly and accurately?

Recently, the sales of Yeezy are just like blowout. Yeezy continuously released 6 sneakers (black-white, black-red, black-copper, white, zebra, and Yeezy runner). It is has the year that Yeezy have the most sales. As an ordinary customer, he can only get the sneaker by re-selling in the market when meeting the malfunction of adidas Confirmed App, and waiting in the official websites.

Every time before the official sale Yeezy, there are full of news. And some people always stand out. They continue to public the news on the sneakers, and those news turn out to be right as time goes.

This is the Yeezy Mafia group. They are a team rather than one person!

Who is Yeezy Mafia on earth?

Yeezy Mafia can get information such as The exposed pictures, the item number, and the quantity, earlier than other media, and they will post them first on social media. This team even draws the attention of Jon Wexler, vice president of global marketing of adidas. And it is only 8 months after the foundation of this group.

Yeezy Mafia are sneaker dealers who are active in social media like instagram and Twitter.

For now, this group have about 50 members, and most of them are from America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. From the interview by Highsnobiety, the famous sneaker medium, we know that the Yeezy Mafia claim themselves as sneaker dealers who know a little about IT, and that these IT skills help them get Yeezy Boost which are being grabbed by everyone.

Actually, they work harder than most of us. During the sale of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, they refuse to use Bot. instead, they try to buy from official websites 24 hours long by their internal cooperation. When asked why they don’t use Bot to get the sneaker easily and directly, they answered that Bot to us is what drug to athletes, and that you can never get rid of that. As for how they can get the accurate sales information, item number, and quantity, it must be their top secret in their group.

This is the official reaction from Yeezy Mafia. However, from what we know, they must have mastered some technique stronger than Bot. instead of competing with Bot 0.01s after sales, you’d better lock it in advance. Of course, this is just personal guessing.

How to join Yeezy Mafia

If you want to join in this group, you have to pay for some member fee first, as they need to keep the cooperation of the team, as well as the high efficiency and effectiveness. As long as you are patient enough and willing to work hard, you can be well paid back. Of course, there is one important rule: you can never expose the news they give you to any person. This is a way of self-protection. What do you think of this? Do you want to join them?

Then you can only think about this

Yeezy Mafia have already closed the channel to join them. That is to say, they don’t need new members for now. But they will still continue to update the news on Yeezy Boost or other sneakers, bringing us the latest news of the sneakers.

Below are their social media accounts: